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        Clean Coal?

        Explore the challenges facing the deployment of clean coal technology in this video segment adapted from FRONTLINE: "Heat." It provides statistics for overall annual U.S. consumption as well as average household usage, and then explains the need for developing a cleaner way to convert coal into energy. Visit a Florida energy plant that turns solid coal into a clean-burning fuel gas (syngas), and learn about a new approach to capture and store carbon dioxide gas, a by-product of coal burning. Carbon dioxide is an important greenhouse gas, and each year U.S. coal plants emit 2 billion tons of it into the atmosphere. While promising, most applications of clean coal technology are still not ready for implementation. Note: The figures in this video were based on 2009 data, but as of 2014, coal is the source of 39% of US electricity.

        This media asset was adapted from FRONTLINE: "HEAT".


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