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        The Destruction of the Turkish Fleet at the Bay of Chesma, 1772

        Hackert, Jacob-Philippe (1737-1807). Medium: oil on canvas. Date: 1772. The naval Battle of Chesma took place on 5 -7 July 1770 near and in ?e?me (Chesme or Chesma) Bay, in the area between the western tip of Anatolia and the island of Chios, which was the site of a number of past naval battles between the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Venice. It was a part of the Orlov Revolt of 1769, a precursor to the later Greek War of Independence (1821-29), and the first of a number of disastrous fleet battles for the Ottomans against Russia. Provenance: Peterhof Palace, Petrodvorets, St. Petersburg, Russia. Photographic rights held by The Bridgeman Art Library.

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