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        ¡Arte y más! Lesson 30

        Sra. Alicia and Susana sing the “Hola” song. This is followed by the game Manzanita del Peru, reviewing the concepts of suave (soft) and fuerte (loud) as well as practicing introductions. Sra. Alicia uses the phrase digan en voz suave/fuerte, which means “say in a soft voice/loud voice.” This is followed by Sra. Alicia asking the students to practice saying hola and adios in a soft and loud voice. Students should join in in loud and soft voices. Sra. Alicia reviews the names of four different instruments: las maracas (the maracas,) la zampoña (the panpipe,) la quena (the flute,) and el tambor pequeño (the small drum.) 


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