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        ¡Arte y más! Lesson 36

        Together we sing the ”Hola” song, and then Sra. Alicia and Susana greet each other and review the expressions me gusta (I like) and te gusta (you like). Together we sing the “Las manos” song, first at a slow tempo and later at fast tempo. Once again we review the numbers one through 11, first by practicing the numbers with Sra. Alicia and then by playing the game ¿Que número falta? (What Number Is Missing?). Students then join in with Sra. Alicia to play “Susana Dice,” recognizing such terms as corre (run), baile (dance), and salta (jump). Finally, we sing together the song “Cabeza, brazos, piernas, y pies” while Sr. Enrique plays the guitar both quickly and slowly. The lesson closes with the “Adios” song.

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