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        This video segment from Between the Lions is a reading of the heartwarming story Cheesybreadville. In this animated story set in Puerto Rico, a wife bakes a bread overnight to surprise her husband, not knowing that he has hidden a surprise gift for her as well of cheese in the oven. The husband and wife go to bed, only to wake up to the smell of burning bread and cheese. The husband and wife acknowledge that the mishap just proves their love for each other, and they head back to bed. A young girl from the town follows the smell of the cheesy bread, sneaks into the kitchen and tries some. Finding it so delicious, she shares it with others who live in the town. The cheesy bread is such a hit that all the villagers want the couple to keep making more. The town is renamed "Cheesybreadville." This video segment provides a resource for Fluency, Text Comprehension, and Phonological Awareness.

        This media asset comes from the Between the Lions episode: "Cheesybreadville & Stolen Smells."


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