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        Part of Between the Lions Series
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        City Mouse and Country Mouse

        In this video segment from Between the Lions, Cyril is a mouse who lives in the city. Cyril likes the sounds of the city, but sometimes wishes for a little peace and quiet. Cindy is a mouse who lives in the country where it is mostly quiet. Sometimes she thinks it would be nice to have a little more excitement. Cindy and Cyril each get the idea to call the hit show "Switching Places" and switch homes for a while. At first, Cindy loves living in the city, and Cyril loves living in the country. But then, the mice begin to miss their respective homes and decide to switch back. Featured soft "c" words: Cyril, Cindy, center, city, cedar, Celeste, cell phones, celery, and centimeter. This video segment provides a resource for Fluency, Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Text Comprehension, Vocabulary, Language and Vocabulary Development, Letter Knowledge Awareness, and Phonological Awareness.

        This clip comes from the Between the Lions episode: "City Mouse and Country Mouse & The Happy Hocky Family Moves to the Country!"


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