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        Dixie Chimps: Delighted You're Mine (d)

        In this video segment from Between the Lions, the Dixie Chimps sing about a clumsy monkey boyfriend, demonstrating the letter "d." The song begins with the boy monkey dropping in for dinner and destroying the dishes by dropping them on the floor. Then he dumps dirt on her desk and damages her drapes by getting tangled in them. The Dixie Chimps then sing about how the boy monkey is so dashing and dreamy and about how his dancing is divine. The lead singer of the Dixie Chimps dances around with the boy monkey, concludes that she's delighted that he is hers, and the two continue dancing as they break through a wall in the house. Featured vocabulary includes: dropped, dinner, destroyed, dishes,dropping, dumped dirt, desk, damaged, drapes, door, dashing, dreamy, dancing, divine, dear, decided, and delighted. The letter "d" appears in a different color when the words are displayed, thus building phonemic awareness, fluency, and phonics skills in addition to vocabulary and language development. The rhymes in the song also build phonological awareness. This video segment provides a resource for Fluency, Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary, Language and Vocabulary Development, Letter Knowledge Awareness, and Phonological Awareness.

        This media asset comes from the Between the Lions episode: "Ruby Sings the Blues & The Camel Dances."


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