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        Dixie Chimps: Goodbye, Chick (ch)

        In this video segment from Between the Lions, the Dixie Chimps sing a song about an annoying chicken, emphasizing the “ch” sound. The Dixie Chimps sing about how it was first charming when the chicken chose to be seated, but that it then became alarming when the chicken chewed up the cheese without saying please and cheated at checkers. The lead singer sings that she's going to "chase that chicken right out of my chair." The chicken continues to do annoying things like chomping on chips, chuckling, and chirping. The chicken is chased out of the house while the Dixie Chimps sing, "goodbye, chick!" The song focuses on the "ch" sound and provides vocabulary words including: charming, chicken, chose, chewed, cheese, checkers, cheated, chase, chicken, chair, chomping, chips, chuckling, chirping, chase, choice, and chick. This video segment provides a resource for Fluency, Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary, Language and Vocabulary Development, Letter Knowledge Awareness, and Phonological Awareness.

        This media asset comes from the Between the Lions episode: "The Problem with Chickens & An Egg Is Quiet."


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