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        Elephants Can Paint Too!

        This video segment from Between the Lions is based on an edited version of the published book “Elephants Can Paint Too!” The clip compares the art done by elephants with art done by real kids in Thailand. Each elephant student gets a paint brush, and there are many ways for elephants to hold the brush in its trunk. Some elephants drag the paint on the paper, others dab, some paint for a few minutes, others paint for an hour. Some elephant students like to paint dots, some paint with wiggly lines, some with spots. The elephants paint in bright colors. Most elephants don't paint real things, but some paint trees and flowers even if it takes them a year to learn. Praise helps the elephants. Each elephant art student has their own style. Then they clean up. Elephants love the water. The clip ends with a paint-covered elephant getting its head patted. Featured vocabulary includes: city, jungle, hands, trunks, art class, brush, paint, dots, colors, flowers, and style. This video segment provides a resource for vocabulary, language and vocabulary development

        This media asset comes from the Between the Lions episode: "Elephants Can Paint Too! & Jamaica Louise James."


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