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        Grubby Pup (u)

        This video segment from Between the Lions is an animated song in the style of Woodie Guthrie's folk music about an older man who reminisces about his childhood stuffed animal, Grubby Pup. His memories appear as flashbacks as the gentleman sings. The man as a young boy hugs Grubby Pup by a birthday cake, tosses Grubby Pup in the air, makes the pup sit, jumps through puddles while holding the pup, hugs the pup, bathes with the pup, and holds up the stuffed ears that have fallen off the pup in the tub. Then Grubby Pup is left in the schoolyard, the boy cries, and Grubby Pup is handed to him. The worn stuffed animal gets repaired by being sewn and patched up and gets its eye glued back on. The song concludes with the elderly gentleman laying next to Gruby Pup playing the guitar and looking at the stuffed animal lovingly. This song is about the short "u" sound. This video segment provides a resource for Phonics and Phonological Awareness.

        This media asset comes from the Between the Lions episode: "Sylvester and the Magic Pebble & I Miss You, Stinky Face."


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