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        How to Be a Good Dog

        In this video segment from Between the Lions, Bobo tries hard to be a good dog. He likes to hear that he is a good dog and get treats, but sometimes being a good dog is difficult for Bobo: he rummages through the refrigerator, eats books, and barks loudly. Mrs. Birdhead, Bobo's owner, sends Bobo outside for being bad. Bobo misses Mrs. Birdhead and Cat. Cat misses Bobo too, and so she reads a book on how to train dogs to be good. When Mrs. Birdhead leaves the house, Cat teaches Bobo how to shake, fetch, heel, sit, lie down, roll over, and stay. Bobo does very well until Mrs. Birdhead comes home with groceries. Cat tries to hold Bobo and hollers commands to Bobo, but Bobo can't wait to show Mrs. Birdhead that he's a good dog now. Bobo crashes into Mrs. Birdhead, but before she can get mad, Bobo shows her how he can shake, sit, lie down, roll over, heel, and fetch. Mrs. Birdhead tells Bobo he is a good dog and he stays inside the house. Featured vocabulary words include: good, dog, fetch, cat, commands, shake, heel, sit, lie down, roll over, and stay. This video segment provides a resource for Fluency, Text Comprehension, Vocabulary, and Language and Vocabulary Development.

        This media asset comes from the Between the Lions episode: "How to Be a Good Dog & Not Afraid of Dogs."


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