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        Part of Between the Lions Series
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        Pigs in Hiding

        This video segment from Between the Lions is an animated version of the published book Pigs in Hiding in which pigs play a game of hide-and-seek. One pig counts to 100 while all of the other pigs go and hide. Then the pig who was counting goes and looks for the hiding pigs. The pig cannot find the hiding pigs, even though pig ears, feet, and faces can be seen behind and under furniture. He looks upstairs but cannot find any pigs. The pig states that no pigs are hiding in the house so he looks outside. He cannot see pigs outside either. He decides to set up a table of food to lure the other pigs out from their hiding places. All of the pigs come out and eat the food. Then out jumps the pig who had been searching and says, "Surprise! I found you!" Featured relational vocabulary words are: nobody, everybody, upstairs, and outside. Food words featured are: popcorn, peanuts, donuts, strawberries, punch, and sandwiches. The words of the story are all spoken by the pigs and appear on screen in speech bubbles. This video segment provides a resource for Fluency, Vocabulary, and Language and Vocabulary Development.

        This media asset comes from the Between the Lions episode: "Pigs in Hiding & Stop That Pickle!"


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