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        Earthquakes and Volcanoes Interactive

        Explore how earthquakes and volcanoes relate in this interactive with images and data from NASA, USGS’s Earthquake Catalog, and the Smithsonian Institution’s Volcanoes of the World Database. Earth’s surface is ever changing, shaped by geological forces at varying scales. The gradual movement and interaction of the many plates that make up Earth’s lithosphere result in rapid, catastrophic events, such as volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, as well as slow, long-term processes, such as mountain building. This interactive enables students to see the patterns and relationships among the locations of tectonic plate boundaries, mountain ranges, volcanoes, and earthquakes on the planet.

        To view the Background Essay and Teaching Tips for this interactive, go to Support Materials below. This resource was developed through WGBH’s Bringing the Universe to America’s Classrooms project, in collaboration with NASA. Click here for the full collection of resources.


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