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        Heat Stored Beneath the Ocean Surface

        Learn about changes in ocean temperature in recent years with this slideshow adapted from NASA and NOAA. During the period from 2003–2012, there was an apparent slowing in the rise of global temperatures: the ocean was storing the extra heat. As seen in the data, although some surface waters cooled, water in lower layers warmed. Colors indicate trends in water temperatures at various depth layers: 1–10 m, 10–100 m, 100–200 m, and 200–300 m. Areas in red depict warming trends, while blue depicts cooling trends. A summary image shows how global ocean temperatures changed from 1993–2012 in a cross section of the top 300 meters; the trend shows that the ocean has significantly warmed. The final image is a line graph that shows overall changes in ocean heat content from 1993–2011.


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