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        The Origami Revolution | Cosmic Folding

        Learn how the structure of the universe may twist and fold like origami, in this video from NOVA: The Origami Revolution. Astrophysicist Mark Neyrinck explains how an origami model can help represent the distribution of matter in the universe. The indirect detection of dark matter indicates that it is the hidden skeleton of the universe. Visible matter—such as stars and galaxies—formed in patterns based on the structure of dark matter. It is possible that gravity gathers and folds the dark matter to create pleats (filaments), similar to the way a piece of paper can be shaped using an origami “twist fold” technique. An astrophysical model that incorporates dark matter folds can approximate the rotation and distribution of visible matter in the universe.

        To view the Teaching Tips for this video, go to Support Materials below. This resource was developed through WGBH’s Bringing the Universe to America’s Classrooms project, in collaboration with NASA.

        Visit the program page.


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