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        Our Solar System Lithograph Set

        Learn about the components of the solar system with this lithograph set from NASA. Each lithograph focuses on a particular subject and provides high-quality images, general information, significant dates, and interesting facts. There are 20 individual lithographs: Our Solar System, Our Star-The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Earth’s Moon, Mars, Asteroids, Meteors and Meteorites, Moons of the Solar System, Jupiter, Galilean Moons of Jupiter, Saturn, Moons of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Charon, Comets, Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud, and What Is a Planet?

        To view the Background Essay, and Teaching Tips for this lithograph set, go to Support Materials below. This resource was developed through WGBH’s Bringing the Universe to America’s Classrooms project, in collaboration with NASA. Click here for the full collection of resources.


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