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        Introducing Anthony: Film Module | The Homestretch

        This is a short film module adapted from The Homestretch, as seen on PBS's Independent Lens. This portrait introduces Anthony, a young man who spent his childhood in foster homes and had an adoptive father who was physically abusive. Homeless starting at the age of 14, Anthony was unable to concentrate on schoolwork, distracted by worries about where he would sleep and whether or not he would eat. He committed crimes to get what he needed to live and ended up serving time in a juvenile detention facility, but afterward he was accepted into Teen Living Programs (TLP) and passed his GED test, then was accepted into the Year Up Chicago program, where he learned business skills and technical computer skills. A talented poet and rapper and an ambitious young man, Anthony never stops planning and working for success.

        Anthony's story reveals the challenges faced by many homeless youth who have spent time in foster care and/or served time in the juvenile justice system. Students will explore the support that is needed to help young people transition out of foster care and how the juvenile justice system handles homeless youth.

        For more information about The Homestretch, visit the Independent Lens website.


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