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        Resiliency Among the Salmon People | Global Oneness Project

        Students watch a short film, Yukon Kings by Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee, about the challenges facing Ray Waska, a Yupi’k fisherman, and his community as the fish stocks of Alaska’s Yukon Delta diminish.  

        In this lesson, students learn about how the cultural traditions of Native Alaskans are linked with local ecosystems. Students debate the need to respect and protect tradition vs. accepting change. Reflective writing prompts are also included for students to demonstrate their understanding of the story.

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        Lesson Summary

        In this lesson, students watch a film about a Yup'ik fisherman in Alaska and discuss how cultural traditions are tied to local ecosystems.


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        Access the film: Yukon Kings

        Access the full Lesson Plan document: Resiliency Among the Salmon People

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