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        Concussions: Answers in the Blood? | Research

        Concussions are a type of injury that might affect a person’s brain – usually it is a temporary condition, but current research is being conducted to see if there are tests or markers that can identify more long-term effects. Any type of jolt to the head can cause a concussion and students need to know that concussions can occur outside the sports setting. Current emphasis in the NFL is shining the light on long-term effects for their players. In fact the NFL and GE are providing funding for research that might improve diagnosis, long term care, or treatment. One such project is being conducted at the University of Montana: its purpose is to determine if there are specific markers in the blood that can determine if there have been changes to the brain due to concussions. This video follows that research. There are also two clips that document the stories of two students who experience concussions. Watching those videos is part of the “before viewing” activity.


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