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        Creatures of the Lembeh Strait | Big Pacific: Violent

        The Lembeh Strait runs between two Indonesian islands, and has accumulated some peculiar residents with unique relationships. The creatures in Lembeh use camouflage, lures, and even kidnapping to survive. Frogfish hide in plain sight while inching closer to their prey. The Black Hairy Frogfish joins a cluster of fire urchins who share a similar appearance. Getting close is one thing, but this frogfish has another trick: a lure. The lure draws out the fish hiding among the fire urchin spines until it gets close enough to attack. The carrier crab also exploits urchins, but to wear them as protective armour.   

        This video begins by describing the environment, then shows us adaptations of the sponge fish. It ends with information about the “relationships among and between organisms” of the Black Hairy Frogfish.



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