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        ¡Arte y más! Lesson 33

        After the “Hola” song, Sra. Alicia and Susana echo each other using high and low voices (voz alta and voz baja). They invite students to play with them and learn to echo. In this game they review the following greetings: buenos dias (good morning,) buenas tardes (good afternoon,) and buenas noches (good evening.) Sra. Alicia then invites the student to join her in counting violins to review numbers one through ten and introduce the number eleven. Sra. Alicia then speaks with Sr. Enrique, who plays high and low sounds on the cuatro. Sra. Alicia asks students to participate by raising their hands for high sounds and lowering their hands for low sounds. Sra. Alicia then invites the student to play ¿Qué viene despues? (What Comes Next?), having students use the different tambores patterns.

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