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        SciGirls en Español Activity: Humedales (Wetlands)

        This bilingual SciGirls en Español activity is a set of two components that builds on the model of science inquiry presented in the short, Spanish language DragonflyTV-SciGirls en Español video. Educators are encouraged to use the companion video as a catalyst or motivator to get students enthused about doing science investigations. In Humedales (Wetlands), SciGirls Sarah, Valencia, and Sophia tromp through diverse wetlands after a visit to the North Carolina Museum of Life and Science. The activity set begins with an Icebreaker, a simple activity which introduces one skill that is part of the full inquiry process. The icebreaker activities are intentionally short, lasting perhaps 30 minutes to one hour. In this quick activity, learners will model how wetlands act as natural filters for the environment by preparing a mixture of water, soil, gravel, and leaves, then pour it down a piece of artificial grass, observing how much gets trapped in the fake grass and comparing water at the bottom with the initial “polluted” sample. The second component of the set is a main Investigation, a more rigorous activity that includes all the elements of a full science inquiry. This activity is often a replication of the video investigation seen on SciGirls en Español. Allow an hour or two to complete a main Investigation, perhaps even letting it spill over across several days. This activity is an investigation into biodiversity of a given habitat. Groups of learners will work in pairs or small groups and conduct a bioblitz of a wetland, carefully observing, identifying and recording a list of as many plant and animal species as they can find. Data from all groups will be pooled to determine the “species richness,” the total number of species and to make a bar graph to compare numbers of each type of organism. (English version of the DragonflyTV GPS: Wetlands video and activities also available)


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