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        Outdoors Maryland | Keeping the Wicket

        In Timonium, Maryland, little known to many Baltimore Area residents, there is a Maryland Cricket Club, host to cricket players of many cultures. Many members of the cricket club are natives of India, West India and Pakistan and learned the skills of the sport in their original country. The sport of cricket is still popular today in those countries, as well as many others that were a part of the British Empire, such as Australia. In America, cricket developed into more modern forms of baseball. Cricket involves three actions: batting, bowling, and fielding without gloves. The object of the game is to protect one’s team’s wicket (similar to a base in baseball or softball). However, though the two sports of cricket and baseball are similar in some ways, many of the rules, fielding positions, policies, uniforms and equipment vary. Maryland Cricket Club members bring new culture to the community through the play of their sport.

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