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        ¡Arte y más! Lesson 10

        After the greeting and the “Hola” song, Susana and Sra. Alicia model a different greeting and introduce the words el sol (the sun) and la luna (the moon). Depending on the time of day (or the position of the sun, as Sra. Alicia describes it in the video) you use different greetings: Buenos días (good morning/day), Buenas tardes (good afternoon), or Buenas noches (good night). A new movement activity reviews levels and shows examples of locomotor and non-locomotor movements, or movimientos locomotores and movimientos no locomotores. A counting activity helps students review numbers from one to six. Susana shares her caja mágica (magic box) with Sra. Alicia and the students, and the episode closes with the “Adiós” song.

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