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        ¡Arte y más! Lesson 21

        After the “Hola” song, a movement activity combines various commands: toca el brazo (touch your arm), manos abajo (arms down), toca los dos brazos (touch both arms), toca la mano (touch your hand), toca los pies (touch your feet), toca la pierna (touch your leg), levántate (stand up), levanta la pierna (life your leg), la pierna arriba (leg up), la pierna abajo (leg down), levanta el brazo (lift your arm), and levanta los dos brazos (lift both arms). A dialogue with Susana models and practices formal and informal greetings with the song “¿Cómo te llamas?” Sra. Alicia reads GRANDE pequeño by Leslie Patricelli, Santillana USA, Inc. (2003). Students sort and count along using big and little objects. The lesson closes with the “Adiós” song.

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