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        Lesson Summary

        Media Resources:

          • The MacArthur Fellows Program Overview video
            MacArthur Fellows interview videos for use with the lesson plan Learning Activity 2 (Select two or three)
            • Amir Abo-Shaeer: Physics teacher inspiring and preparing public high school students for careers in science and mathematics through an innovative curriculum that integrates applied physics, engineering, and robotics.
            • Will Allen: Urban farmer who is transforming the cultivation, production, and delivery of healthy foods to underserved, urban populations.
            • Claire Chase: Arts entrepreneur forging a new model for the commissioning, recording, and live performance of classical music and opening new avenues of artistic expression for the 21st-century musician.
            • Rick Lowe: Public Artist reinventing community revitalization as an art form by transforming a long-neglected neighborhood in Houston into a visionary amalgam of arts venue, community-support center, and historic preservation initiative.
            • Alex Truesdell: An adaptive designer and fabricator constructing low-tech, affordable, and customized tools and furniture that enable children with disabilities to participate actively in their homes, schools, and communities.




        • Videos for Extension Activities and for additional lesson plan support, as needed:
          • Jad Abumrad: Radio Host and Producer engaging a new generation of listeners with audio explorations of scientific and philosophical questions that evoke a sense of adventure and recreate the thrill of discovery
          • Nicholas Benson: Stone Carver preserving the legacy of a centuries-old artistic tradition and expanding the art of hand letter carving with the beauty and craftsmanship of his own designs
          • Mark Bradford: Mixed-media artist who incorporates ephemera and found objects from urban environments into works on canvas that are rich in texture and visual complexity
          • Matthew Carter: Type Designer crafting letterforms of unequaled elegance and precision for a range of applications and media that span the migration of text from the printed page to computer screens
          • Jorge Pardo: Installation Artist challenging the distinction between fine art and design, as well as the constraints of museum and gallery spaces, with visually seductive works at the intersection of painting, sculpture, and architecture
          • Shwetak Patel: Sensor Technologist and Computer Scientist inventing low-cost, easy-to-deploy sensor systems that leverage existing infrastructures to enable users to track household energy consumption and to make the buildings we live in more responsive to our needs
          • Benoit Rolland: Stringed-Instrument Bow Maker, experimenting with new designs and materials to create violin, viola, and cello bows that rival the quality of prized 19th-century bows and meet the artistic demands of today’s musicians
          • Elizabeth Turk: Sculptor transforming her signature medium of marble, a traditionally monumental and prone-to-fracture material, into intricate, seemingly weightless works of art
          • Heidi Williams: Economist unraveling the forces that hinder or spur medical innovation through empirically based studies that are informing public policy

        Student Handouts:

        Equipment and Supplies:

        • Computers with Internet access
        • LCD projector
        • Speakers
        • White butcher paper/kraft paper (7 sheets per groups of 3-5 students)
        • Sticky notes (enough for about 15 per student) or small squares of paper and tape
        • Markers
        • Whiteboard/blackboard, markers/chalk
        • Pen and writing paper

        Web Sites:

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