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        Nebraska State Capitol | Lesson Plan 1

        As citizens we are called upon to take care of what we value. This includes what we create, how we preserve what we create, and what we value and therefore restore.

        Lesson Summary

        Students meet the people who created the Nebraska State Capitol. They examine how they worked together while becoming familiar with the stories, values, and beliefs that are Nebraskan’s heritage. These lessons serve as the opening and closing to the Virtual Tour and focus on collaboration. The Virtual Tour can ignite a curious student to visit the Capitol as well as help them remember the importance of working together.

        Time Allotment

        40 minutes to 4.5 hours

        Learning Objectives

        Students will be able to:

        1. Describe the personal value of selected work in the Virtual Tour and discuss why it is important.
        2. Identify the importance of working with others who have different skills and interests than yourself.
        3. Interpret the Collaboration Process through discussions and formation of a collaborative group.
        4. Use the collaborative process to create works of art.

        Prep for Teachers

        Read through the "What You Need" section on page 3 of the Lesson Plan. Familiarize yourself with the Guides for the teaching poster; the Nebraska Virtual Capitol website and introduction to the virtual tour; 21st Century Collaborators and Citizens Collaboration. Depending on the class time allowed organize the web content with the teaching poster and print or bookmark documents and links. You may want to show segments of Nebraska's Capitol Masterpiece that highlight and detail the collaborators biographies.


        5 - Teaching and Learning Guides (PDF)

        1 - Teaching Poster (PDF or poster sized printout)

        2 - Activites: Discussion and Art

        Website Links:

        The Nebraska Virtual Capitol

        Nebraska's Capitol Masterpiece Video Documentary

        Biography List for the Collaborators (PDF)

        Essential Questions:

        1. How has art and architecture of the Nebraska Capitol told the stories of Nebraska?
        2. How does art help us understand the lives of people across time, place, and cultures?
        3. How does understanding the contexts, histories and traditions of art help us create, interpret, or value a work of art?
        4. How does collaboration expand the creative process?
        5. What conditions, attitudes, and  behaviors support creative thinking  and collaborative thinking?

        Introductory Activity

        SESSION 1:  Art & Collaboration - 40 minutes

        In the first half of this session, students read the guide with background information then study the Teaching Poster on The Collaborative Process. The second session is an activity using the collaborative process. Discussion questions follow. For more resources including artist biographies,
        visit the link

        2.1   Guide: Background Information for Teaching Poster
        2.2   Teaching Poster: Print or project on screen and discuss
        2.4   Link: web link for biographies

        Learning Activities

        SESSION 2:  Virtual Capitol Tour - 60 minutes
        Students get to know their state Capitol through the NET Virtual Capitol
        Tour at

        1.1   Guide: The Three Functions of a Capitol
        1.2   Guide: Introduction to Virtual Tour. 
        1.3   Link:  visit

        SESSION 3: 21st Century Collaborators - 30 minutes
        Students will learn about current collaborators and then become collaborators.

        3.1    Guide: Collaboration is a 21st Century Skill
        3.2    Guide: Citizen Collaborators: Who are the current collaborators?
        3.3    Discussion: Create, Preserve and Restore. Working Collaboratively.

        SESSION 4: Create, Preserve and Restore 40 minutes (x3)
        Students will work in collaborative groups to create, preserve or restore in their community or design and create a work of art.
        4.1    Activity: Create, Preserve and Restore plus rubric
        4.2   Art Activity: The Collaborative Process

        Culminating Activity

        SESSION 5: Assessment - 20 minutes
        5.1   Journal: 

        1. What did you learn about collaboration from those who built our capitol?

        Consider one of the works of art your group discussed.

        1. What message was the artwork to communicate to us as Nebraskans in your opinion?
        2. Why?
        3. What was your collaborative experience like when you created a work of art from the other team’s idea board?


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