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        Part of South Dakota Public Broadcasting
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        Traditional Use of Tatanka (Buffalo)

        Traditional Use of Tatanka (Buffalo) is a PowerPoint series developed by Badlands National Park and South Dakota Public Broadcasting.

        Lesson Summary

        The PowerPoint series includes a brief history of buffalo in South Dakota. Also, there are photos of buffalo parts, like a buffalo hide and tail. Your students are encouraged to guess the traditional use of the buffalo part and its location on the buffalo.

        Time Allotment

        One-Two Hours

        Learning Objectives

        1. Students will identify buffalo parts and their location on a buffalo.
        2. Students will learn the traditional use of the buffalo parts.

        Prep for Teachers

        Download the provided interactive PowerPoint presentations for use on projection screen.


        PowerPoint Presentations

        Multimedia Resources

        Traditional use of Tatanka (buffalo) PowerPoint Presentations 

        • NOTE: Chrome: Each PowerPoint presentation will open as a Show without an option to “Save”.  Explorer: An option to “Save” is available when using Explorer.  Also, choosing “Open” in Explorer will take longer to download, but original Kevin Locke music will accompany the presentations. (The presentations download very slowly if you choose "Open." Please select "Save", and save them to your desktop for a quick download.)

        *Also found below in Support Materials


        Introductory Activity

        View the following Video: The People of the Bison

        View the following Article: The Majestic Buffalo

        View the following Article: Buffalo: Controlling Population Growth

        Learning Activities

        Teacher led activity for the entire class using interactive PowerPoint presentations.



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