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        The Origins of Hitler's Navy | Nazi Mega Weapons: Hitler's Megaships

        Learn about Hitlers dream to build the biggest Navy in the world. When Hitler comes to power he strengthens all his military forces, but his weakest is his Navy. He put Admiral Erich Raeder in charge and tasks him will building the Third Reich's new Navy. Raeder's plan hinges to building the biggest battleships the world has ever seen. Germany doesn't have the infrastructure to deliver the dream so a massive construction plan to enlarge locks and build massive dry docks begins. In the meantime Raeder builds the biggest ships he can and calls them Bismarck and Tirpitz. Both ships will be over 800 feet long, nearly 120 feet wide and 18 stories high. To make them as tough as possible they are given armour plating capable of withstanding 550 tons of TNT. And to make them unsinkable they are designed with double hulls and airtight compartments. Both ships are launched in early 1939.


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