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        Founding Principles | "Final Principles"

        Need an overview of the key founding principles of American government? Find it here in this episode from Founding Principles: American Governance in Action, a civics video series produced by Bowdoin College. Through a study of foundational documents like the Federalist Papers (#10, #37, and #85), students learn about the most important principles at the core of American democracy. The episode covers the separation of powers, checks and balances, public participation, public policy, public opinion, political gridlock, the role of status quo, and the difference between a republic and a pure democracy.

        This video serves as a helpful review of the entire Founding Principles series, and also a good review in preparing for the AP US Government and Politics Exam. Support materials include an overview of content, a list of covered foundational documents and Supreme Court cases, ideas for extending learning, suggested classroom activities, related vocabulary words, and a student viewing guide with comprehension and critical thinking questions. For more resources from Founding Principles, check out the collection page.

        To learn more visit the Founding Principles website.


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