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        Founding Principles | "Civil Liberties"

        Explore how civil liberties are protected under the Bill of Rights in this episode from Founding Principles: American Governance in Action, a civics video series produced by Bowdoin College. Through a study of foundational documents like the Constitution and key Supreme Court cases like Barron v. Baltimore, New York Times v. The United States, and Roe v. Wade, learn about the ongoing debate about the scope and reach of the Bill of Rights. The episode covers issues like state’s rights, the complexity of freedom of speech, due process of law, clear and probable danger, and libel. 

        Support materials include a breakdown of enduring understandings, an overview of content, a list of covered foundational documents and Supreme Court cases, ideas for extending learning, suggested classroom activities, related vocabulary words, and a student viewing guide with comprehension and critical thinking questions. For more resources from Founding Principles, check out the collection page.

        To learn more visit the Founding Principles website.


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