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        Founding Principles | "Policy Implementation"

        Explore how government policy is implemented and how government agencies are involved in many aspects of our daily life in this episode from Founding Principles: American Governance in Action, a civics video series produced by Bowdoin College. Through a study of foundational documents like the Constitution and the Supreme Court case Massachusetts v. EPA, students learn about the complex world of bureaucracy and the role of each branch of government in overseeing government agencies. The episode includes a summary of the spoils system, civil service, regulations, statutes, congressional oversight committees, executive orders, and judicial review.

        Support materials include a breakdown of enduring understandings, an overview of content, a list of covered foundational documents and Supreme Court cases, ideas for extending learning, suggested classroom activities, related vocabulary words, and a student viewing guide with comprehension and critical thinking questions. For more resources from Founding Principles, check out the collection page.

        To learn more visit the Founding Principles website.


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