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        Measurement: Lesson 3 - Metric Measurement

        Metric Measurement is the third of five self-paced lessons in the “Measurement” section. This lesson features basic metric units for length, weight, and volume. It also introduces the prefixes of kilo-, centi-, and milli- and their relationship to multiples of 10. KET’s GED® Geometry Professional Development Online Course is designed to help you review and build your skills and knowledge of geometry concepts and to help you to gain confidence in preparing your learners for a substantial portion of the GED® Mathematics Test. Click on the graphic to begin Lesson 3.

        NOTE: This course was created based on the 2002 GED® math test. The geometry instruction in this course is still valid, however, for up-to-date information about the 2014 GED® math test, please visit KET’s GED® Test Info: Mathematics online course.

        Measurement: Lesson 3 - Metric Measurement

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