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        Minnesota | Coming to Minnesota Activity 5: Minnesota Fun Facts

        Students watch a video about the culture of Minnesota. They utilize the Fun Facts worksheet, which can be utilized in a variety of ways for the classroom.

        Lesson Summary

        Students watch a video about the culture of Minnesota. They utilize the Fun Facts worksheet, which can be utilized in a variety of ways for the classroom.

        This lesson is part of "Great States: Minnesota | Coming to Minnesota" where students will examine why people from all over the world come to Minnesota, and they will also evaluate their influence on the state.

        Time Allotment

        15 minutes

        Learning Objectives

        Standards:  Identify the major Minnesota political figures, ideas and industries that have shaped or continue to shape Minnesota and the United States today. 



        1. Ask students to think of something that makes Minnesota special—how is it different than all other states? Indicate that students will be watching a short video about some of the many things that make Minnesota unique.
        2. Hand out the Minnesota Fun Facts table, which is divided into five categories based on the types of facts mentioned in the video. It can be used in a variety of ways:
        3. Students fill in as much information as they can as they watch the video.
        4. Divide students into groups of five before watching the video; each student will have the responsibility to fill in one column as they watch.
        5. Show the video, then distribute the Fun Facts table. Working independently, in pairs, in groups or as a whole class, work on filling in the squares.
        6. Use the terms in the 25 squares as the basis for a BINGO game in which students place the terms in random order on a grid of 25 squares (they will disregard the categories in this instance). Then, call out clues as students attempt to get five in a row. (NOTE: Smarties candies make excellent game pieces).
        7. Play the video, Great States: Minnesota Culture [4:35]. Complete the activity depending on the activity option chosen.

        Fun Facts Teacher Prompts

        This grid shows all the answers available based on the video. Not all answers will be necessary for every activity option.

        Symbols & Mottos

        Firsts, Onlys & Inventions



        Famous Minnesotans

        -State drink: Milk

        -First Tilt-A-Whirl at 1927 State Fair

        -American Indians

        -Trappers from Canada

        -New Englanders

        -Ice hockey

        -Museums of: Spam, Twine balls, and huge medical fails

        -Authors F. Scott Fitzgerald and Sinclair Lewis

        -State Bird: Common

        -First home to have air conditioning

        -German and Scandinavian immigrants

        (Swedes, Norwegians, Danes, and Finns)

        -Annual Irish culture festival in St. Paul

        -Actress Judy Garland
        -Actors Vince Vaughn and Josh Hartnett

        -State sport: Ice hockey

        -Invention: the pacemaker

        -Irish people

        -State Fair

        -Aviator Charles Lindberg
        -Charlie Brown creator Charles Shulz

        “Land of 10,000 Lakes”
        “Gopher State”

        -Invention: the black box flight recorder

        -Invention: Scotch tape

        -Hmong people

        -Sports: all four major pro leagues, college, and Olympics (winter)
        -Outdoor sports/recreations

        -Garrison Keillor of Prairie Home Companion

        -Winona LaDuke


        -Bob Dylan

        “The Northern Star”

        -Invention: Waterskis

        -Southeast Asia, Africa, and Latin American immigrants as well

        -Ice fishing, skiing, winter festivals

        -Explorer Ann Bancroft


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