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        Idaho | Activity 2.6: Idaho’s Three Geographical Regions

        Unit 2: Geography

        Over the course of this Unit, students will come to understand that the physical environment is not static. Through geological processes and human action, seemingly fixed aspects of the landscape are constantly changing and have always been doing so. As the earth influences how people live, how people live in turn effects the earth.

        Lesson Summary

        Students watch a video about the geography of Idaho. Students take notes on each of the state’s regions to then create an advertisement to attract tourists to one of the regions. 

        Standard: 413.06 Identify the geographic features of Idaho.  AND 4.SS.2.1.3 Describe the physical regions of Idaho and identify major natural resources.


        Time Allotment

        15 minutes



        1. Distribute the Idaho’s Three Geographical Regions handout.
        2. Indicate that students will be watching a short video about the geography of Idaho that will give them information about each of these regions. They should take notes about each region on map handout as they watch and listen. 
        3. Play the video, Great States | Idaho Geography [3:45]. You may want to pause as narration about each region is completed to make sure students have enough time to write.
        4. Tell students they will be writing advertisements to attract tourists to visit one of the three regions. This may be done as an individual or group activity. The advertisements can be for print, radio, television, or online outlets.


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