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        Idaho | Activity 4.3: The Annual Fur Trading Rendezvous

        Unit 4: Explorers

        This Unit will help students develop a balanced view of people who took the risk to travel, work, or settle in a new place. The materials and activities will highlight the strength and courage they demonstrated, however, the conflicts, struggles, and disappointments experienced by various groups of pioneers will also be examined.

        Lesson Summary

        Students learn about how pioneers lived and watch a video about fur trade. Students complete a KWLS worksheet and engage in questions about pioneer reenactments.

        Standard: 413.13 Describe the lifestyles of the mountain men and explain the Rendezvous.

        Time Allotment

        15 minutes



        1. Distribute the Lake Country Mountaineers KWLS worksheet and ask students what they know about mountain men. Then, have students fill in the 'K' portion of a KWLS worksheet to describe what they already know about the lifestyles of mountain men and the purpose of the Rendezvous. Have them fill out the ‘W’ portion of KWLS—what is it they want to know about these topics.

        1. Explain that the following video talks about mountain men and the Rendezvous in Minnesota, but that Idaho was also home to a thriving fur trade.

          Play the video, Lake Country Mountaineers: Fur Trade [5:38].

        2. Ask students to complete the ‘L’ and ‘S’ portions of the KWLS grid and answer the questions on the handout.


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