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        Idaho | Activity 4.4: Mining and the Birth of Idaho Towns

        Unit 4: Explorers

        This Unit will help students develop a balanced view of people who took the risk to travel, work, or settle in a new place. The materials and activities will highlight the strength and courage they demonstrated, however, the conflicts, struggles, and disappointments experienced by various groups of pioneers will also be examined.

        Lesson Summary

        Using a timeline of events, students will learn about how the discovery of gold affected the settlement and history of Idaho. Students will create a poster, connecting the key events in Idaho’s mineral history to specific places on an Idaho map. 

        Standard: 413.17 Describe the role of the discovery of gold and other minerals in the settlement of Idaho.

        Time Allotment

        20 minutes



        1. Distribute the associated timeline and map handouts to students. Read it aloud, having each student read one of the dates on the timeline. 
        2. Have students cut the timeline into strips and pick out 5 events they think are important in Idaho’s history. On the poster paper, have the students glue the map in the middle. Around it, have them paste the events they found important and draw connecting lines between the event and the place on the map that event affected or dealt with.


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