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        Idaho | Activity 6.6: Idaho’s Economy: Past & Present

        Unit 6: Settling Idaho

        This Unit examines the resources, opportunities and freedoms that lured different groups to Idaho. Emphasis will be placed on how the arrival of newcomers presented challenges to those already settled in territory.

        Lesson Summary

        Students watch a video about the history of Idaho’s economy. Students fill in a graphic organizer and draw illustrations about Idaho’s changing industry.

        Standards: 3.2: Identify different influences on economic systems. Describe examples of technological innovations in relation to economic growth in Idaho

        4.SS.3.2.2 Describe how geographic features of Idaho have determined the economic base of Idaho’s regions.

        Time Allotment

        15 minutes



        1. Ask students to define “economic activity” (something done in order to gain needed or desired resources). Ask for examples of economic activities. Indicate that students will be watching a short film about economic activity in Idaho’s past and present.

        2. Distribute the Idaho Economic Activity Graphic Organizer. Tell students to fill in the second column of the table as they watch and listen to the film. 

        Play the video, Great States: Idaho Economy  [3:11]. You may want to pause at points to make sure that students are recording the appropriate information.

        3. After students have watched the film, have them create a fitting illustration for each group or era in the third column of the graphic organizer.



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