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        Can We Time Travel? Ch. 1: What is Time? | Genius by Stephen Hawking

        Learn how science began to explore the elusive concept of time in this clip from Genius by Stephen Hawking. In 17th Century Europe, Frenchman Rene Descarte was known to find inspiration in ordinary everyday things. On one occasion while observing a common house fly, it occurred to him that with just two numbers; one to describe its position on a horizontal axis and another to describe its position along a vertical axis, he could mathematically determine the position of the fly at any given moment. However, when the fly drops down it leaves two dimensions and enters three dimensions so a third number is needed, and as it turns out any object can be positioned using just 3 numbers. This laid the foundation for modern mathematical science and was the beginning of what we now call the Cartesian coordinate system. To demonstrate this concept Professor Hawking has invited three volunteers to a party, the challenge is that they have only been given 3 numbers. Will they be able to figure it out?


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