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        Can We Time Travel? Ch. 2: SpaceTime | Genius by Stephen Hawking

        Learn how early in the 20th Century a patent clerk from Switzerland published a paper which changed the way we think about space and time. He went on to be the most influential Physicist of the 20th Century, Albert Einstein. Before Einstein, the conventional view was that space and time were two completely different things. Einstein's view was that they were not independent of each other, they were aspects of a single thing, a single fabric of spacetime, and that everything unfolded within the 4 dimensions, always. Every event has a unique reference point, both a physical location and a specific moment in time. This is the same for every moment in history and every particle in the cosmos. Through a challenge set by Professor Hawking, three volunteers aim to make the same intellectual leap as Einstein did and to understand that time travel has to be looked at as a journey, either forwards or backwards along the 4th dimension.


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