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        Part of Genius by Stephen Hawking
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        What Are We? Ch. 4: Evolution | Genius by Stephen Hawking

        In this clip from Genius by Stephen Hawking, learn about the process of evolution and how nature has adapted. The volunteers are set a task which will allow them to witness evolution in action. Using liquid plastic as a moulding material they create four random shapes. Using a medieval style catapult, each object will be launched onto a target; it will be a test to see which shape is the most suitable. The shapes are altered and tweaked each time, and with every generation of shape they get closer to the target. It appears there is a selection process at work which makes the shapes evolve. This is a good visualization of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution as described in his book On the Origin of Species. Over a long period of time, nature has adapted to its surroundings through a process of evolution.


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