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        Inside Opioid Addiction

        Learn about the nationwide opioid crisis, its devastating impact on communities and families, and how agencies and individuals are pulling together to respond to this overwhelming public health crisis. In this interactive lesson, students will gather information through reading, activities, and video excerpts from KET’s opioid initiative to write a final essay about what the opioid epidemic is, what caused it, and what’s being done about it. The video segments are narrated by country music artist Sturgill Simpson and include doctors explaining addiction itself, family members recounting their emotional experiences with addicted love ones, and remarks about the crisis by former President Barack Obama.

        Teachers should preview the content of any lesson before using it in class. Also, due to the large number of families affected by this epidemic, your students could have firsthand experience with these issues. Therefore, it is especially important that you screen this content before sharing it with students, so that you can be prepared for possible emotional responses.

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        Inside Opioid Addiction


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