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        The Jazz Ambassadors | The Cold War

        Learn about the challenges faced by the United States during the Cold War in this video from The Jazz Ambassadors. After WWII, the United States and the Soviet Union competed for global political, economic, and military dominance. With the build-up of nuclear arsenals and the widespread use of propaganda, the United States and the Soviet Union clashed in a war based on ideology and perception, during a time when the United States faced unrest at home with the rise of the Civil Rights Movement.

        Engage students with an informational text about the Cold War that includes a brief history of the Soviet Union and an overview of the Truman Doctrine. Key vocabulary definitions are provided in the teaching tips section.

        To learn more about how the Cold War and Civil Rights Movement collide in a remarkable story of music, diplomacy and race, visit The Jazz Ambassadors website or collection page.


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