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        Cabeza de Cochino | Dance Arts Toolkit

        Cabeza de Cochino translates to pig’s head. This traditional dance is held at a festival as a sign of a productive year. The hog’s head signifies wealth and health for the family that is giving the offering.

        The story behind the dance is that the family that has raised a pig takes it to the market to sell in order to buy clothing, shoes, and other necessities. The different colored ribbons are taken by each of the dancers, representing the union of the community. The dresses the women wear are called hipils and the men wear shirts called guayaberas with white pants.

        This version of Cabeza de Cochino was performed by Casa de Cultura Hispana de Lexington at the Festival del Día de los Muertos in Lexington, Ky.


        This resource is part of the KET Dance Arts Toolkit and Exploraciones collections.


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