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        Perfectly Martha

        You can use this video for Session 5 of the MARTHA SPEAKS Reading Buddies program. Students watch the video, in which Martha is suspicious of the Perfect Pup Institute. After watching, buddy pairs talk about the episode, play the game Skits’s Tricks online (if online access is not available, they can skip this step), read a children’s book together, and write in their journal. Prior to using this resource for Reading Buddies, be sure you have read the complete introductory materials in the MARTHA SPEAKS Reading Buddies Program Guide.

        Key vocabulary: obey, disobey, obedient, disobedient

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        Funder: Corporate funding provided by Chuck E. Cheese’s®, Kiddie Academy® Child Care Learning Centers, and Chick-fil-A, Inc. Additional series funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, by The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations...Dedicated to Strengthening America’s Future Through Education, by the WGBH Children’s Educational Media Fund and by public television viewers.

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