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        Turkeys' Basic Instincts

        This video segment from Nature: My Life as a Turkey highlights the innate knowledge wild turkeys have about the world around them. In this segment, wildlife artist and naturalist Joe Hutto reflects upon the depth of knowledge wild turkeys have about the world around them. He states they are born with a "blueprint" of animals and the natural environment and are able to easily distinguish harmful animals from friendly ones. Hutto conducted an experiment, where he became a parent to 16 wild turkeys, by having them imprint onto him. (Imprinting is a biological phenomenon that occurs when animals form attachments and develop a sense of identity in the first few hours and days of their lives.) Hutto mentions the one thing he needed to teach them was where to find water and the specific lay of the land. (Note: The segment features voiced narration by Joe Hutto and a recreation of Hutto’s experiment by Jeff Palmer.)

        This video is available in both English and Spanish audio, along with corresponding closed captions.

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