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        Friendship in the Animal Kingdom

        Until recently, scientists were not comfortable describing bonds between animals as "friendships." However, scientists have now determined that humans are not the only animals who form them. In this video segment adapted from Nature: Animal Odd Couples, Professor Lauren Brent, a primatologist at Duke University, is conducting an ongoing study of rhesus macaques and how they develop friendly relationships. Scientists are also extrapolating what they learn in their research and applying their findings to discover how and why the practice of human friendship evolved.

        Learn more about the Nature film "Animal Odd Couples".

        Funder: Major support for NATURE is provided by the Arnhold Family, in Memory of Clarisse Arnhold, the Lillian Goldman Charitable Trust, and the Filomen M. D’Agostino Foundation. Support is also provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and PBS.

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