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        Biomimicry - Water Security Inspired by Nature: Lesson Plan | Nature Works Everywhere

        Biomimicry is the design and production of materials, structures, and systems modeled on biological entities and processes. For millennia, humans have studied nature to design useful items in areas from transportation to entertainment. From using birdwings as inspiration for human flight machines, to modeling the nano-structures in the eyes of moths for anti-glare screens, we have looked to the wild to improve our lives. 

        In this lesson, students view a video that follows the journey of water from an area of rural Colombia to its capital city, Bogotá. They learn about a special ecosystem high above the city and some of the unique plants there that make it possible for Bogotá to have clean water year-round. Students will use these plants as inspiration for their own efforts at biomimicry.

        Find the video here that accompanies this lesson plan. 

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