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        ¡Puedo!: I Can! | Making a Splash

        In this lesson, children will watch the webisode, play a fun “¡Puedo!: I can!” game and do other hands-on activities to learn new Spanish vocabulary. In the webisode “Making a Splash” Noah tries to take swimming lessons, but ends up water skiing instead! When Brisa invites Noah and Nell to join her at “la piscina” or pool on a hot day, Noah gets nervous because he can’t swim. He asks the pool manager where to get swimming lessons, but the manager only speaks Spanish and doesn’t understand what Noah asks. He sends Noah to the dock to go fishing, where he ends up joining a group of water skiers on open water! Good thing he learned the Spanish words for “I can swim” and “I can’t swim” to get him out of his mess. 


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