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        Artistic Interpretation in The Little Mermaid

        This video from Great Performances: The Little Mermaid from San Francisco Ballet features a scene from the first act of the ballet in which The Poet (a role based on the real life author Hans Christian Andersen) exits the real-world and enters a watery paradise under the sea. In an earlier scene, The Poet suffered a painful rejection by his love interest. In his despair, he begins to write the story of the Little Mermaid. Once he enters this new world under the sea, he creates/meets the heroine of his famous tale: the Little Mermaid. While her tale is a fantasy, she will also endure a painful love story that mirrors Andersen’s experiences. As the story unfolds, he manipulates events that change the lives of his characters forever. Note: There is no sound when this video begins.

        Learn more about the documentary Great Performances: The Little Mermaid from San Francisco Ballet.


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